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Sep 2, 2022

Core Exercises for Field Hockey Players

Henry Davies

Core exercises develop capacity and strength of the trunk muscles, which stabilise the spine and contribute to enhanced posture. Here are some great exercises that enable you to get stronger in your core and become a better athlete.

Jul 20, 2022

Mobility Training for Hockey Players

Henry Davies

Mobility is training that helps to increase the range of motion at joints and improves overall movement quality. This is essential in a sport like hockey which requires such extreme ranges of motion at times.

Jun 8, 2022

Strength and Conditioning for the Masters Hockey Player

Henry Davies

In this article I am going to provide an overview of how to approach strength training as a masters hockey player. In this context, ‘masters’ hockey player refers to players over the age of 35. I will be looking at the underlying problem associated with age related declines in strength and muscle mass, how you can offset this.

Mar 29, 2022

Ankle Injury Prevention for Field Hockey

Roy Barber

In this article, Roy Barber explains why ankle injuries occur, and how to prevent them using specific strength training and balance exercises.

Mar 6, 2022

Lower Back Injury Prevention for Hockey Players

Henry Davies

In this article, I explain how to reduce lower back pain for field hockey including strength training, mobility and trunk exercises.

Feb 2, 2022

Tissue Capacity Training to Prevent Field Hockey Injuries

Henry Davies

Exercises to help prevent injury for hockey players, including ankle, hamstring and lower back strengthening drills.

Sep 29, 2021

Injury Prevention for Field Hockey

Henry Davies

Injury is a common problem in hockey, with over half of all female hockey injuries occurring in the lower limb and over a third of total injuries being ankle sprains. In this article, we look at 3 simple assessments to help prevent injury.

Sep 22, 2021

3 Reasons Why Mobility Training is Important for Field Hockey

Henry Davies

Mobility is the range of motion possible at a given joint in isolation or a combination of joints in sequence. In this article we look at why it’s so important for field hockey players!

Sep 8, 2021

Movement Preparation for Field Hockey

Henry Davies

The movement prep period is the phase before a training session or match, during which we are preparing our bodies for the upcoming session. In this article I explain how to maximise this time to improve performance and efficiency.
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