How Online Strength and Conditioning Coaching Solves Many Problems

Online coaching has increased in popularity, accelerated by the constraints of the pandemic in an increasingly digital world. But what problems does it solve, that in-person coaching presents? In this article, I will be looking at three key problems that are solved through online coaching.

You may be thinking that in-person coaching cannot be beaten, and there is some truth in this. The immediacy of coaching feedback and interpersonal relationship is a big positive to in-person coaching, but there are some problems that it presents. These are: accountability, adaptability, and availability.


Online coaching enables a greater amount of accountability than in-person coaching. This is due to the simple fact that once you’ve left the gym for your one-hour coaching slot, the contact frequency ends. With online coaching, there is a greater frequency of contact than in-person coaching, which is enabled by the fact that you can work with your coach remotely from anywhere, at (almost) anytime.

This increases the chances of achieving your dream outcome and holds you accountable to the personalised programme that is set for you. If you are an athlete who is independent, self-sufficient and capable, then you can have the benefit of training in your own time coupled with greater levels of accountability and feedback. A big win for online coaching!


With in-person coaching there is little flexibility with regards to training times. When the coach is available, combined with when you’re available, ultimately leads to a small number of opportunities. With online coaching, however, your programme can be completed and updated wherever and whenever you like, which puts you in far more control of your training week and results. Don’t want to train in the morning? No problem. Fancy switching your strength session to later in the day at last minute’s notice? Totally fine.

There is no limitation to its flexibility, which means that when life happens, your programme isn’t hindered. If anything, it improves it by being so adaptable. So if you’re someone who may need to change your training times on a weekly basis (sound familiar?), then online coaching would certainly tick this box for you. More adaptability, no constraints on training times, and more autonomy for you with your programme. Another huge positive to this approach!


Rather than only having access to a coach when their schedule allows, working online with me means that we can connect at any point in the week, giving you more access. By using my online scheduling system, you can pick a time that suits you based on my availability. This means that we can connect more easily, speak more frequently, and adapt the programme whenever we need to. If you have a question about your programme, you can just drop me a message and I will reply as soon as possible.

The additional benefit of online coaching is that this allows you to work with me no matter where you are in the world, which crushes distances and opens up limitless opportunities for coaching. Happen to be going on holiday to Dubai soon? We can simply continue as normal and connect on a video call as we would do whilst at home (this has happened before with one of my online athletes!). Live in the United States? We can work together (as I have done with a number of athletes).

Ultimately this enables anyone around the world to connect with coaches who they ordinarily wouldn’t have access to. The final of three big problems that online coaching solves.

If you are interested, then check out the online coaching programme here.

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