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Strength and Conditioning for Hockey: How to Programme for Hockey Players [Course]

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Are you a player confused about what you need to be doing to get fit for hockey?

Are you a coach who is lacking clarity when writing programmes for your hockey players?

Are you unsure how you can train effectively when you have a busy schedule?

This course is for you.

Learn how to become the ultimate hockey athlete in this complete course, specifically built for hockey players and coaches.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to train for hockey, and have the tools and confidence to train hard and reach new levels of physical potential.

Who is this course for? 

This is for players, coaches and trainers who want to develop a deep understanding of the physical demands of hockey and how to prepare for it.

What will I learn from this course?

At the end of this course you will be able to:

🧠 Understand what the physical demands of hockey are and how this manifests in the common injuries experienced

🏑 Evaluate your own current approaches and whether they are accurately meeting the demands of the sport to enhance performance

✍️ Create a clear, specific programme that prepares hockey players to excel and prevent injury

How is the Course Delivered?

This course is delivered via our learning hub and is drip-fed in sections, so each section is available every 2 days. This keeps things exciting whilst avoiding overwhelm! 

No Risk Guarantee

If at the end of the course, you feel that you didn't get a ton of value from this course, email us for a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase.


Section 1: Introduction and Learning Outcomes 👋


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Welcome to the Strength and Conditioning for Hockey course.

This initial section is going to provide you with a clear overview of the course structure, outcomes and design.

This course covers all aspects of physical preparation for hockey including speed, conditioning and injury prevention.

Each section has clear learning outcomes, video, text and quiz content to keep it engaging and insightful. 

Section 2: Physical Demands of Hockey 🏑


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The first of the taught sections of this course looks at the Physical Demands of Hockey.

It is important when approaching physical preparation for sport to have a deep understanding of the needs and demands in order to be fully prepared. 

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

The Importance of Understanding the Needs of Your Sport

Injury Profile of Hockey [21 mins]

Running Demands of Hockey [30 mins]

Section 2 Physical Demands of Hockey [Slides] 5.99 MB

Section 2 Task.docx 460 KB

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 3: Training Principles 💪


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This section is designed to provide the foundational knowledge around training adaptation and prescription.

You'll learn about the 4 key principles that drive adaptation in the body, and why they're so important for understanding performance impact through training.

We'll be covering the SAID principle, overload, individual needs and the demand v capability principle.

This will provide the key knowledge from which a hockey-specific programme can be put together. 

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

Principles Quote

Capability v Demand Principle [12 mins]

SAID Principle [14 mins]

Overload Principle [16 mins]

Individual Needs [13 mins]

Section 3 Training Principles [Slides] 7.81 MB

Section 3 Task 34.3 KB

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 4: Assessment and Screening 🎯

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

Assessment Screening

Protocols 63.5 KB

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 5: Movement Preparation 🤸‍♀️

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

Movement Preparation for Hockey [Article]

Movement Preparation [22 mins

Section 5 Movement Preparation [Slides] 2.57 MB

Section 5 Task 462 KB

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 6: Plyometrics and Speed Training⚡️

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

Speed Training for Hockey [Article]

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 7: Strength Training 🏋🏻‍♀️

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

Complete Hockey Strength [Free Download] 23.2 MB

Strength Training for Drag Flicking [Article]

Tissue Capacity Training to Prevent Hockey Injuries [Article]

Ankle Injury Prevention and Strength Training [Article]

Lower Back Injury Prevention for Hockey Players [Article]

Strength and Conditioning for the Masters Hockey Player [Article]

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 8: Conditioning 🏃

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

Complete Hockey Conditioning [Free Download] 28.2 MB

Running Profile: Individualising Conditioning for Hockey 24 mins

16 Pitch Lengths Test 13 mins

Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) for Hockey [Article]Maximal Aerobic Speed Running Calculator [Free Download] 240 KB

Anaerobic Speed Reserve for Hockey [Article]Anaerobic Speed Reserve Calculator [Free Download] 580 KB

30-15IFT for Team Sports Conditioning 14 mins

Applying the 30-15IFT in international hockey: improving the scoring and practical applications [Research Article] 625 KB

The 30-15IFT [Article]Repeat Sprint Ability for Hockey [Article]

Position Specific Conditioning for Hockey [Article]

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 9: Planning and Periodisation 🧩

What's Included?

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Learning Outcomes 🧠

The Training Year

How to Approach Hockey Pre-season Training [Article]

The Training MonthThe Training Week

How to Structure Your Hockey Workouts When You Have a Busy Training Schedule [Article]

Structuring Your Hockey Training Week [Article]

Section Mini Quiz 🎓

Section 10: Reflections and Summary 💭


Open tab

This final section is an opportunity to reflect on your learning outcomes and the ways in which this content will provide 'Monday Morning Impact'.

In other words, immediate impact on your coaching, training or performance. 

What's Included?

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Well Done Message! 🥳

Reflections Form

Certificate of Completion 🥇


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