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Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) Spreadsheet

Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) Spreadsheet

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Spend less time doing complicated maths and more time maximising performance.

Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) is the lowest speed at which VO2 max occurs, and is related to performance in team sports. In this spreadsheet, you will be able to run smooth, accurate, and efficient conditioning training sessions for large groups or individual athletes.

Save yourself time and effort with a done for you MAS calculator.

Benefits include:

🧮  Calculate the correct MAS scores and prescriptions for large groups of athletes

🎯  Targetted training that is specific to the demands of running-based team sports

⚡  Impact performance through simple and efficient training sessions

Baker and Heaney (2015) found that the higher the playing level of football players, the greater the requirement for a high MAS score. For example, professional Spanish U21 players recorded scores of 4.44m/s, whereas Italian Series A players achieved scores of 4.91m/s. This suggests that the higher the level of performance, the greater the aerobic requirements.

The MAS spreadsheet is comprised of four elements:

1) An overview sheet where you can calculate your running distances or times based on MAS time trial score
2) A group training calculator enabling you to calculate MAS times/distances for 20 athletes
3) An automatic MAS bar chart to visualise data for a group of athletes so that you can compare and share the data
4) A session planner so that you can prescribe training quickly and efficiently for a squad of athletes with the click of a button

Save time and get back to doing what you love - COACHING!

This is a digital download and will be available immediately after purchase. 


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