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Complete Hockey Strength

Complete Hockey Strength

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Win physical contests, remain injury-free and win races to the ball! 🏑

This is a specific strength training manual for hockey players.

I have worked with some of the best hockey players in the world, and have led the strength and conditioning programmes for international players. In this e-book you get access to top-level training plans that have been tried and tested with world-class athletes.

Enhance your game, accelerate faster and perform better.

Features include:

📚 Over 70 pages of hockey specific, evidence-based training guidelines

🏑 The physical demands of hockey and injury profile so that you know what to train and how to train it

📆 How to structure your training year, month, week and session to get the most out of your efforts 

🏃‍♀️ Which physical attributes that you need the most in hockey, and how to train for them

📖 Structure and guidelines around what, when and how to complete your training sessions

🧪 Tissue capacity training to equip you for high volumes of hockey without getting injured

🔍 How to individualise your training programme so that it is appropriate for you, your needs and your goals

🚀 A range of 6 different strength sessions targetted specifically at making you a better, more robust hockey player

This is a digital download and will be available immediately after purchase. 

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