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Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve got big ambitions, to pull on the jersey you’ve always dreamed of wearing.

You imagine yourself running out onto the pitch and feeling proud that all of the work you’ve put in has paid off.

These are the moments that you do it for, to be inspired by the possibility of achieving something special. 

If the answer is yes, you're just who we're looking for!

Bespoke Training Plan Built for You 🚀

Imagine having a highly individualised training plan designed by hockey experts, at the click of a button.

We use Train Heroic to deliver an exceptional training experience, using the best technology on the market for you.

Using our proven Hockey Athlete Blueprint system, we take you from where you are to where you want to be in a completely bespoke way.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way🥇

To enable you to maximise your results and boost your training gains, we utilise our Three Tier Support system to give you comprehensive coaching.

There are support systems in place daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure that you feel supported, yet challenged.

This is where the online coaching process enables you to fast-track your performance results.

Knowledge is Power 🧠

Get access to the exclusive Athlete Knowledge Hub where weekly educational content is uploaded.

The content covers all areas of performance including mindset, training, nutrition, sleep and performance.

Connect with other members of the group to learn and share.

Join a Supportive Community ⚡️

You will be part of the exclusive Hockey Performance Network where you can connect, share and engage with like minded players.

Each week we share wins, highlight achievements and utilise the power of the group to solve common challenges with your training.

Keeping You on Track 🏑

We keep you on track towards your goals through our Back on Track Accountability System. You will get a combination of check ins, exclusive educational material and 1:1 support.

Ultimately this helps fast track your results and get there quicker.

Our Proven System

Accountability 🙋🏻‍♂️

More regular contact with us than in-person coaching, which enables more accountability around training and a higher chance of achieving your dream outcome!

Adaptability 🧩

Your programme can be completed and updated wherever and whenever you like, which puts you in far more control of your training week and results.

Availability ⏰

Rather than only having access to a coach when their schedule allows, working online with us means that we can connect at any point in the week, giving you more access.

Success Stories

PLUS Get All of These Bonuses for FREE!

🍎 Performance Nutrition Consultation (£75 value)

🏋🏻‍♀️ S&C for Hockey Course (£297 value)

🏑 Performance Hockey Skills Course (£200 value)

🏃 Complete Hockey Conditioning (£37 value)

🏋🏻‍♀️ Complete Hockey Strength (£37 value)

📊 Individualised Running Profile (£100 value)

🚀 Check Ins and Accountability

🧠 Psychological Skills Handbook (£200 value)

🧦 Atak Sports 20% Discount Code

👕 IVARI Sports 10% Discount Code

🥤 Nutrition X 10% Discount Code

Worth over £1000! All for FREE

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of this programme, that if you are not completely happy after 14 days, you can request your money back.

Programme FAQs

How is my progress measured?

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Through Train Heroic there is a comprehensive monitoring and reporting feature which means we can track your loads, training volume, PBs and individual exercises. You will get regular feedback around monitoring scores, as well as your progress in the key exercises that we decide to prioritise. Finally, the assessment weeks are an opportunity to measure progress in key areas.

How is the programme individualised for me?

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The programme is built to achieve your performance or fitness goal, whilst also taking into consideration your age, training experience, injury history and preferences.

For example, if increasing your aerobic fitness is a priority, then the sessions will be designed to achieve this.

If you have a previous history of injury, the programme will incorporate elements of injury prevention too.

Can I have both gym and running/conditioning sessions in my programme?

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Yes! It’s a completely customisable programme for your needs.

How do I access my online programme?

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All online coaching programmes are delivered through the training app Train Heroic. You will get an invitation to join the app, set up your profile, and access your programme as soon as we’ve completed your consultation call!

How many sessions will I get from you?

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You will get up to 4 sessions provided every week. The content of these can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Do I need lots of equipment to complete my online coaching programme?

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No you don’t need any equipment. The programme is completely individualised, so you’ll have a tailored plan that suits your context, needs and available equipment. The better the gym and equipment that you have access to, the better though.

How often can I contact you?

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You can get in contact any time you like via Train Heroic.

Each session you complete will receive feedback on it, plus video feedback on recorded videos of exercises.

We will also have on demand 1:1 calls for you at your convenience, should you need them.

Can I move my sessions around if I need to?

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Absolutely - this is the beauty of online coaching. It is as adaptable as it needs to be, meaning when life happens you can simply do your session at a better time or day for you.

Is there an age limit to the online coaching programme?

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An ideal age range for this programme is around 14-35, but I work with younger and older athletes. It depends on the individual primarily, but you need to be someone who is independent, self-sufficient and has a good foundation of understanding around their training.

Policy FAQs

How does payment processing work?

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Payments are processed through Stripe on an up front or recurring basis.

Complete your relevant payment link, and that’s it! You don’t need to worry about processing payments beyond this point at all.

Less time finding your card details and more time training.

Is there a minimum commitment to the online coaching programme?

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Yes - there is a 12 week minimum commitment to your online coaching programme to enable us to get the very best out of it together.

What is your cancellation policy?

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There is a 14 day minimum notice period if you wish to cancel your online coaching programme, after the 12 week minimum period. You can read all terms of service here.

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