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We enable ambitious athletes to excel by providing them with world-class coaching services.”

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Sports Dietitian
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Sport and Exercise Psychologist
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Dan Richardson
Sports Nutritionist


We enable ambitious athletes to excel by providing them with world-class coaching services.

We know the challenges faced by coaches, athletes, and parents when searching for high-quality hockey strength and conditioning content.

There is very little information available in this area, leading to confusion and ineffective training.

We set out to provide a solution to these challenges, using our experiences working with Welsh senior internationals and GB Olympians.


Our purpose is to support ambitious hockey athletes and clubs to achieve their ambitions.

We believe strongly that relationships are at the heart of impactful coaching, and therefore place a high value on building trust with you.

Building Integrate Sports was a way to get high-quality training knowledge and programmes to aspiring hockey athletes and teams, whilst making a wider impact.

We take pride in delivering a personal approach to coaching, building relationships that allow us to truly understand your ambitions whilst supporting your journey.


Ambition 🚀

We are driven to continually improve, in order to better serve those we support. We are drawn to challenge and embrace the struggle of achieving something worthwhile. We are looking to work with athletes with the same worldview, those who are always seeking the next obstacle to overcome.

Trust 🙏

Relationships are at the heart of all great teams, and therefore we place a high value on building trust with you. We do this by being genuine, placing you at the heart of the conversation, and aiming to work with you for the long-term, not the short-term.

Enjoyment 🎉

Without enjoyment of the process, results will be unsustainable. We know how important it is to enjoy the process and the moments that make it all worth it - seeing others achieve their potential.

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