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Anaerobic Speed Reserve Calculator

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Optimise your conditioning sessions by utilising the most scientific method for interval training in team sports!

Anaerobic speed reserve (ASR), also referred to as ‘anaerobic velocity reserve (AVR)’ is the difference between an athlete’s maximum sprint speed and their maximal aerobic speed (Sandford et al., 2021). 

Julio et al. (2020) found that there was less inter-athlete variability in lactate scores and time to exhaustion in rugby players and long-distance runners when prescribing from ASR compared with MAS.

Athletes with a greater ASR show lower neuromuscular impairments and RPE during high-intensity interval work (Bucheit and Laursen, 2013)​. It is the key difference in team sports such as hockey and football!

By taking into consideration an athlete’s anaerobic as well as aerobic capabilities, physiological responses (and therefore adaptations) are more consistent. This means that we are more likely to achieve the intended outcomes that we want from training. 

"During his time with the squad, the players became far more tournament durable and were the most physically prepared they have ever been leading into the European Championships." Kev Johnson (Head Coach, Welsh Hockey)

Benefit from a done for you spreadsheet including the following:

🏃 Individual ASR calculator for athletes or coaches to use for single athletes

⚽️  Squad ASR calculator to optimise team conditioning sessions

📊  Bar chart and scatter chart automatically created for you to visually represent your data!

📆  A session planner to accurately and simply prescribe running sessions for up to 20 players at a time

This is a digital download and will be available immediately after purchase. 

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